Why Use a Crankshaft Linisher?

5th Jul 2018 in Company News
Why Use a Crankshaft Linisher?


After a crankshaft has been ground, grinding marks and sharp edges can be evident on the surface of the journals. Using a crankshaft linisher (safety linisher or bow linisher) to remove these marks and sharp edges prevents premature wear of the bearings.

The use of a crankshaft linisher also eliminates  the risk of hand-held strips of abrasive being applied to moving parts. The linisher is held at a safe distance and hands and fingers are independent of the part being linished.

Numerous other applications for these linishers include application in: polishing, transmission, power-steering, hydraulic industries.

The Auto & Industrial Equipment Crankshaft Linisher is Australian made and features:


  • An 800-watt Milwaukee electric motor
  • Alloy wheel guard
  • Alloy bow, with adjustable handle
  • Machined pulleys
  • Spring-loaded end pulley


The Linishing Belts are sold in packets of 15, with Black Cork and Scotch-type being sold as individual belts/each.

  • 120 / 240 20mm
  • 320 / 400 20mm                                           
  • 320 / 400 25mm  
  • Black cork 600 20mm
  • Black cork 400 20mm               
  • Black cork 600 25mm                        
  • Scotch-type 20mm
  • Scotch-type 25mm


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