Parts Washer Detergent/Degreaser

Australian made detergent for your Rotary Parts Washer.

  • Henkel brand SPRAYEZE R (BONDERITE C-AK SPRAYEZE R, 377370)

         for use in Rotary Basket Washer / Spin Washer (1-1.5kg per 100 litres of water)

         (suitable for aluminium, cast-iron, brass etc)


Australian made Strong Alkaline Powder.

  • Henkel brand FERREXTRA for use in 'Hot Tank'. Will strip rust / degrease steel or cast iron. Not suitable for Aluminium.

          (using 20kg tub per 200 litres of water)   (Bonderite C-AK Ferrextra 378124)


  • MSDS's available on request


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