Torque Plates

Flame cut steel plate and washground to 40mm nominal thickness and finish machined as required.


Why use a Torque Plate? Find out here;    Torque Plates-The key to Bore Finishing

Mild Steel Plate Grade 250
Flame Cut steel plate and wash ground to 40mm nominal thickness and finish machined as required.

Alloy Plate 6061
Alloy fully machined from 40mm plate.

Flame cut steel plate and washground to 40mm nominal thickness and finish machined as required.
Alloy fully machined from 40mm plate.

Plates are machined to clear peg and tubular alignment dowels, allowing easy location of plate, head gasket and cylinder block.


  • All sharp edges removed.
  • All holes chamfered, surfaces washground to a flat and parallel condition class 2.
  • Sides painted in flat industrial enamel paint.

Special Plates
Any plate can be custom machined to your requirements upon supply of an undamaged head gasket which is retained for manufacture and reference purposes.
These are subject to quotation before manufacture.

Plate List

Part No. Description Head Gasket No.
TP1310 Alloy AudiV10 Lamborghini 5.2Litre Gen.131014 ML.
TP3000E F BMW 3litre 3000E Flat B30 Genuine
TP400F Alloy Chev 400SB  Alloy AF830
TP400F Chev 400SB use # 2Blank AF830
TP454 A F Alloy Chev 454 BB Alloy FlatStd 8180PTI
TP454 A F Alloy Chev 454 BB Flat 8180PTI
TP454F Chev 454 BB Recessed 8180PTI
TP350F Alloy Chev SB 350 flat std  AF830
TP350F Chev SB 350 Flat use #1 Blank AF830
TP350RC Chev SB 350 Recessed use #1Blank AF830
TP400RC Chev400SB Recessed AF830
TP265 F Chyrsler 265 Hemi AX150
TP318 F Dodge 318/360 8553PT
TP318RC Dodge 318/360 Recessed 8553PT
TP360Alloy Dodge 360 BC360
TP440F Dodge 440 BB  Flat 8519PTI
TP440RC Dodge 440 BB  Recessed 8519PTI
TP440Alloy Dodge 440BB ALLOY  8519PTI
TP360F Dodge360 BC360
TP302 Alloy Ford  302/351 Cleveland/Winsor AW980
TP 2000F Ford 2litre Escort AH860MT
TP2001F Ford 2litre Pinto  AH860MT
TP351F Ford 302/351 Cleveland/ Winsor AW980
TP351RC Ford 302/351 Cleveland/ Winsor RC AW980
TP460 AF Alloy Ford 460 BB Alloy Flat  8265PTI
TP460F  Ford 460 BB Flat  8265PTI
TP460 RC Ford 460 BB Recessed 8265PTI
TP460HP6Bolt Ford 460BB HP6Bolt CMC5744
TP 351SP MOW Ford Alloy Block ManOWar SB 6bolt HS2897sp4051S
TP529AU/BA FA Alloy Ford AU6 Alloy  BR522
TP529AU/BA F Ford AU6 Flat BR522
TP529 AU / BA RC Ford AU6 Recessed BR522
TP 5400 Alloy Ford Boss 5.4L Flat  2R3V6083
TP 54000RC Ford boss 5.4L RecessedHoles 2R3V6083
TP54000 Ford Boss 5.4LFlat  2R3V6083
TP428 F Ford Cobrajet 428FE Flat 8554PT
TP428RC Ford Cobrajet 428FE Recessed 84554PT
TP3125Alloy Ford Duratec Mazda L3K9 2.3Litre GSS3125D
TP250F Ford Falcon 250 AP630
TP250RC Ford Falcon 250Recessed AP630
TP1500 FordCortina105E/120E  AH760
TP080 F Harley Davidson MC 2 Piece Genuine
TP202F Holden 202 AG390
TP202RC Holden 202Recessed AG390
TP308AF Alloy Holden 308 Alloy Flat AX140
TP308 F Holden 308 Flat AX140
TP308RC Holden 308Recessed AX140
TP820Alloy Holden Camira F2 BP820
TP300F Holden Gen 3-  S2234KC
TP300RC Holden Gen 3 Recessed  S2234KC
TP300Alloy.6L Holden Gen 4  6Litre S2234KC
TP300 CI 6L Holden Gen 4  LS3 Plate S2234KC
TP300A Alloy Holden Gen3 LS1Alloy  S2234KC
TP301Alloy Bowtie Holden LSX6 Bowtie Cast IronBlock MRG3285GMLS
TP130F Holden RB 30 Plate  Genuine
TP130A  Alloy Holden RB30 Alloy Plate  Genuine
TP6VE1 F Holden Rodeo V6 Isuzu Flat S 2235SSR
TP100 F Holden V6Buick 3.8 litre BR720
TPB20B Honda B20B S2222SS
TPF20C Honda F20C S4846MLSR
TP240Alloy Honda K24  / A1 S3662SS
TP240F Honda K24/A1 S2365SS
TP2600A Alloy Isuzu 4ZE1  Alum Genuine
TP4200A Jaguar 4.2L Need CometicC4220-059 BJ020
TP4200 Jaguar 4.2L NeedCometicC4220-059 BJ020
TP 5300 Alloy Jaguar 5.2L V12 CL33136
TP3125Alloy Mazda 6 CX7 S2365SS
TP4B11 Alloy Mitsubishi 4B11 EVO2 S3945SS
TP163Alloy Mitsubishi 4G63 S2131KC
TP672 Mitsubishi V6 12V/24V 6G72 S2165SS
TP672A Alloy Mitsubishi V6 12V/24V 6G72 S2165SS
TP672RC Mitsubishi V6 12V/24VRC 6G72 S2165SS
TP1200A12 Nissan A12 AJ130
TP1809 Nissan CA 18DET BS 050
TPTD42 F Nissan Diesel 6 Cyl  S2117SS-1
TP2800Alloy Nissan L28  /  RB 30 BC380
TP2800F Nissan L28/RB30 Bolt hole 14.5dia Genuine
TP 079A Alloy Nissan SR 20 Alloy  BT 050
TP079F Nissan SR 20 Steel flat BT 050
TP 079 RC Nissan SR20  recessed BT 050
TP3696 Alloy Nissan V6 3.7L  VQ37  Com 4593030
TP5600Alloy Nissan V8 5.6L Com 4486-36 Left Com 4485-300R
TP5600F Nissan V8 5.6L Com 4486-36 Left Com4485-036RI
TP2500SP EJ2.5 Subaru EJ25 Plate  Genuine
TP2500FWRX Subaru WRX 99.5 bore Genuine
TP4164 F Toyota 1HZ Diesel S2033SS
TP4164Alloy Toyota 1HZ Diesel S2033SS
TP2997Alloy Toyota 2JZ GE Soarer S2217MLSR
TP2997F Toyota 2JZ GE Soarer S2217MLSR
TP1399Alloy Toyota 4AG BL740
TP1399RC Toyota 4AG BL740
TP4314F Toyota Celica  3SGTE 16Vlave S3300SS
TP1912Alloy Yamaha FX1800 Jetski 1.8L Genuine

Special Plates can be made


Torque plate acronyms

TP – Torque Plate
A – Alloy / Aluminium
F – Flat plate
RC – Recessed bolt holes to suit socket-head cap-screws
SP – Special
BB – Big Block
SB – Small Block

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