32 Solvent Parts Washer

Manual Parts Washer for automotive & industrial workshops.

Uses water filtration to ensure optimum life of the solvent.

How the 32 Solvent Parts Washer Operates

The 32 Solvent Parts Washer utilizes the principle that petroleum-based solvent is both insoluble and lighter than water.

As ‘used’ solvent drains from the tray, it is directed into the water-phase via the drain-tube, where it forms little droplets. These little droplets then rise back into the solvent-phase above. Whilst these droplets are rising, water removes the particles and impurities – effectively cleaning the solvent for re-use.

The water-phase also forms a turbulence barrier between the sludge, which settles on the base of the tub, and the solvent-phase above. A disposable tub-liner prevents the sludge adhering to the wall and base of the tub.


Low Operating Costs

  • 40% less solvent
  • 2-3 times longer solvent life
  • 4-6 months between solvent changes

Low Maintenance

  • No messy mechanical filters

Long Lasting

  • All metal welded construction
  • Baked durethane finish
  • Polyethylene drum


  • Heavy duty non-flammable – 16 gauge steel
  • Approved fusible link
  • Hinged anti fire lid
  • Weather proof switch
  • Will not tip
  • Securely locked to base


  • Rinse or soak
  • Fixed or mobile



Address: Unit 2/33 Macaulay Street Williamstown North VIC 3016