Valve Spring Shims

To avoid the loss of metal from grinding valve seats, and to restore the proper spring tension, it is best to replace the lost material by installing a Valve Spring Shim under the spring.



Type A 0.060 Springs in Service Type B 0.030 for New Springs Type C 0.015 for Spring Bal Applications O.D I.D
A-100 B-100 C-100 Buick, Minn. Moline, Toyota, Datsun-Nissan, Wauk., Pont., Chev Trk., Porsche 1.312 .954
A-101 B-101 C-101 AMC, Case, Ford Trac., Toyota, Fiat, Triumph, Volvo, Cummins, Porsche 1.000 .688
A-102 B-102 C-102* American Motors, Chrysler, Ford, Lincoln, Ford TR, John Deere, Herc., Datsun 1.360 1.000
A-103 B-103 C-103* Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford Lincoln, Minn. Moline, Pontiac, Ford Trk., AMC 1.500 1.031
A-104 B-104 C-104 Ford, Oliver, Wauk., Honda Motorcycle, Continental, Renault 1.000 .765
A-105 B-105* C-105 Case, Cat., Detroit Diesel, Fiat, Ford, Porsche, Pont., V.W, Harley-Davidson 1.218 .875
A-106 B-106 C-106 Case, Cheverolet, MG, Opel, Citroen, V.W, Fiat, Mercedes, IHC 1.100 .719
A-107 B-107* C-107 Chevrolet, Honda, Audi, Mazda, BSA, Porsche, Jaguar, Chrysler, Toyota 1.250 .625
A-107S B-107S C-107S Halrey-Davidson XR Series, Norton, Caterpillar, Subaru 1.250 .680
A-200* B-200 C-200HP* Austin, Chev., IHC Trac., Jeep, MG, Opel Auto-car, Chev Trk., MW, Isuzu 1.360 .640
A-201* B-201* C-201* Buick, Chevrolet, Cummins, Ford Ger., Herc., Jeep, Olds., Pont., AMC, Cadilliac 1.250 .875
A-202* B-202* C-202* Buick, Chrysler, Continental, GMC, Porsche, Renault, Det. Diesel, John Deere .915 .640
A-203* B-203* C-203* Cadillac, Chevrolet, Mack, John Deere, Buick, Pontiac, Mazda 1.250 .812
A-204 B-204 C-204 GMC 53 series 4 valve head, Fiat, Detroit Diesel, Wauk. .796 .515
A-204S B-204S C-204S Harley – Davidson 74 series & Sportster, BSA, Honda, Triumph .760 .578
A-300* B-300* C-300* AMC, Chry., Mack, White, Cat., J.D., Mercedes, Ford, Jeep, Cummins, Honda, Toyota 1.125 .719
A-301* B-301* C-301HP* Pontiac, GMC, Ford Tr., Mercedes, Triumph, HGerley-Davidson, Ford Br. 1.375 .765
A-302* B-302* C-302* AMC, Mack, Case, Cat., Toyota, Chev., Porsche 1.312 .765
A-303* B-303* C-303* Chevrolet, Olds, IHC Trk., Pont., Buick, Chev. Trk., Mack, Cadillac 1.480 .703
A-304 B-304 Case, Caterpiller, Perkins 1.500 1.156
A-305* B-305* C-305HP* Pontiac, Datsun-Nissan, Mack 1.437 .785
A-306* B-306* C-306* Ford, Chevrolet Speacial Small Block, Old., Caterpiller 1.437 .645
A-400 B-400 Cummins, IHC Trk., Dodge Trk., Oliver 1.750 .820
A-401 B-401 Mack, Reo, White, Allis-Chalmers, Le Reo 1.600 .820
A-403 B-403 Dodge Trk., Perkins, Ford, Chevrolet Trk., White, IHC Tractor, John Deere 1.375 .781
A-404 B-404 Chev. Trk., Cummins, GMC, IHC TRK., Wauk., Auto Car, Caterpillar 1.500 .875
A-405 B-405 John Deere 1.750 .890
A-406 B-406 Cummins, Waulk., Ceterpillar, Minn. Moline 1.750 1.328
A-407 B-407 Buda, Cummins, Wauk., White, Caterpillar, Allis-Chalmers 1.156 .828
A-408 GMC Md. #71 Two Valve, Detroit Diesel, Austin 1.140 .570
A-409 NTC 250, 270 and 355 Cummins, IHC 1.312 .755
A-502** Same installation as A-102 1.360 1.000
A-503** Same installation as A-103 1.500 1.031
A-506** Same installation as A-306 1.500 .645
A-600 Caterpillar Md. #D-7 and D-8 1.937 1.250
A-101HP B-101HP C-601HP* Chevy, Chrysler., Ford w/re-machined guide (use with 3 springs per valve) 1.640 .635
VA-801 Chevy, Buick, Pont., Cadillac 1.250 .812

* Available in High Performance – add suffix ‘HP’ – Type A & B HP series are hardened inserts. Type C HP series are special blue temper steel.

** SPRING CUPS are necessary for applications with step or flush spring pad areas.
Cups also control spring walk – use as an option for the following applications: A-502 same appliaction as A-102, A-503 same application as A-103, and A-506 same application as A-306.

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