Rotary Parts Washer – 1220HD

20th Nov 2018 in
Rotary Parts Washer – 1220HD


These gear-driven units have  a 50% increase in wash weight capacity over standard, water driven models.  

A Gear Driven Basket – yields improved washing efficiency, ensuring higher contact pressure of the water-jets over water-driven models as the basket’s (slow) rotation doesn’t accelerate during the wash-cycle.

Small parts are more thoroughly cleaned as the constant drive of the basket allows parts to remain in position rather than being swept to the outer edge of the basket with the gradual increase of basket speed evident in water-driven models.




Our Model1220HD comes in two variants:

Standard Spray-bar Array

This unit has a spray-bar (full diameter of basket) above & below the basket, with a single upright spray-bar, as per the photo on the above left.

  • 4kw pump
  • 750kg wash weight capacity


X-configuration Spray-bar Array

This unit comprises of an X-configuration Spray-bar array (full diameter of basket) above & below the basket, with two upright spray-bars on opposite sides of the basket, as per the photo on the above right.

  • 5.5kw pump
  • 750kg wash weight capacity

The tapered bearing in the basket-head can now be greased via a grease-point accessible through the basket. Greasing the bearing no longer requires removal of the basket. The grease point is shown below, with the basket removed for clarity.

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